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James D. Martin


James D. Martin was born in Detroit Michigan and accepted the calling of ministry shortly after High School at the age of 19. His musical gifts allowed him to travel across the United States and abroad with various Gospel Recording Artists, Bishops, and Gospel Industry Professionals.

At the age of 24 James D. Martin was featured on TBN for achievements in innovative ministry and music development. 

While traveling and developing churches in the area of leadership and worship he met Bianca Martin  which later became his wife and Co Founder of JDM Ministries.

At the Age of 27 James and Bianca received a word from God to travel to Dallas Texas where they got married and started JDM Ministeries which is a ministry designed to reach the lost, develop the saved and cultivate leaders in ministry and worship. Now the Lord has blessed them to travel all over the world and can be seen on National Christian Television networks like The Now Network.


JDM MINISTRIES Presents “BUILD-A-CHURCH” an Intensive Training Led by Pastor James D. Martin catered to building leaders, church staff/administration and Departments. A Church is Made Up of People and if You Build the People You Can Build the Church.

This Impactful Teaching is Outlined Below:

  • How to Start/Revive Your Church/Ministry?

  • How to Set-Up and Train Church Departments and Leaders?

  • How to Grow Church Membership and Outreach Expansion?

  • How to Fund Your Church/Ministry?

For More Information Please Email/Call JDM MINISTRIES.



JDM MINISTRIES Presents “LIGHT THE FIRE” a Prayer Ministry geared towards connecting to God through communication. Pastor James D. Martin believes that Prayer is vital in the life of every believer. To be connected to God through Prayer is necessary for growth, development and spiritual maturity.

* How to Pray and Strengthen Relationship with God?

* How to Hear God’s Voice and Recognize When God is speaking?

* How to Receive Answers to Your Prayers?

This Revelatory Course Reveals God’s Original Intent for Communication with His Creation. For More Information please feel free to reach out by way of email/phone.

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